Monday, 1 July 2013

How Does Color Affect Heating by Absorption of Light?

Time RequiredAverage (6-10 days)
Material AvailabilityReadily available
CostLow ($20 - $50)
SafetyAdult supervision required for drilling jar lids.


Why is it more comfortable to wear light-colored clothes on a hot summer day? Why wear a dark-colored jacket for early-morning fishing on a cold lake? How much difference can it make? Here's a project where you can quantify how much difference color makes for absorbing heat.


The goal of this project is to see how the color of an object affects how much heat it absorbs when exposed to incandescent light.


Andrew Olson, Ph.D., Science Buddies
  • This idea is from an entry to the 2007 San Mateo County science fair (author's name not provided).

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