Friday, 6 September 2013

Group E Members

This is ISS Group E from S204, consisting of Angeline Yap, Sarah Chan, Chew Yun Hui and Liew Jiawen.

Our project: Development of an Aquaponics System.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Research Questions

If I can look at a person's smile, I can find out if it is real or fake

Definition of smile
Formation of a smile
Types of smiles
Purpose of experiments
Current research done
Method of carrying out experiment

Research questions for experiment

Title: How does colour affect heating by absorption of light?

Research questions
What do I have to research?
What are the different colours I want to test on?
What are the current research?
Why is it important?
What are the equipment needed?
How do I carry out the experiment?

Research Question

Title: What's the fastest way to cool a soda

1) Definition of soda
2) The type of soda
3) What are the ways to cool a soda?
4) What are the current research?
5) What are the equipments needed?
6) How do I carry out the experiment?
7) What is the purpose of research?

Research Questions

How does soil change with depth?

Research Questions

- Definition of soil
-  Formation of soil
- Characteristics of soil (texture, colour)
- Types of soil
- Purpose of the experiment
- Any current research done
- Ways to execute the experiment (using the soil characterisation field guide to identify different types of soil)

Formulating Hypothesis

What: Different colours
When: Morning
Where: SST
Independent variable: Absorption of light
Dependent variable: Colour black
Constant: Colour white
The colour black will absorb more heat than the colour white.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Formulating Hypothesis

Dependent variable - Temperature of soda
Independent Variable - Cooling device
Constant - Number of soda cans

What - Cans of soda
When - Hot summer day
Where - Cooling device in SST

If I place 3 cans of soda in different types of cooling device, I can find out what is the fastest way to cool a can soda.